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ISBN 978-1-57344-365-4
5 x 7, 288 pages

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Fix It, Make It, Grow It, Bake It

The DIY Guide to the Good Life

An Eco-fabulous Guide to the Good Life

Author Billee Sharp shares her freecycling, budget-savvy, barter-better wisdom in this step-by-step handbook to revolutionizing your spending habits and reclaiming your quality of life. Fix It, Make It, Grow It, Bake It is an inspiring and instructive guide to living the handmade life by consuming less and creating more. Practical and profound, this handy how-to covers every area of life and offers easy-to-do tips, recipes, and advice on saving money and the planet. You and your family can live more joyfully and far more creatively, all on a dime. The best things in life are free—or if they aren't, you can have a lot of fun making them.

Learn how to:

• Ditch the lawn and raise organic veggies
• Cook healthy meals for pennies
• Eco-clean your house with lemons and lavender
• Cure minor maladies from the kitchen cabinet
• Join a seed sharing community garden
• Save big dollars with small repairs
• Organize a free market
• Put the "happy" back in your holidays


"Billee has written down the bones for a 'Whole Life Catalog.' Her work brings a new spiritual dimension to the art of living. A must read for all humans." —Mickey Hart

"Billee Sharp described herself as 'a committed daydreamer.' But if self-reliance, independence, and the saving of oodles of cash is the result, then the president should appoint a day-dreaming czar. I know whom I'd nominate." —Anneli Rufus, from the Introduction

"My copy of Fix It, Make It, Grow It, Bake It is filled with highlights, post-its, and dog-eared pages marking the cool things I want to do. Even a life-long cheapskate like me learned a lot of ways to live fabulously frugal!" —Lara Starr, co-author of The Frugal Foodie Cookbook

"Let's face it. Life is simple yet somehow most of us complicate it with clutter and wasteful consumerism. This wonderful book helps us get rid of these distractions and focus on the basics." —Matt Gonzalez, artist, attorney, and environmental activist

"Much more than a how-to guide, Fix It, Make It, Grow It, Bake It is a manifesto for living rich while being kind of your pocketbook and planet." —Nina Lesowitz, co-author of Living Life as a Thank You and The Party Girl Cookbook

"I love how Billee Sharp weaves together the timeless information (herbs, crafts, gardening, recipes) with the new (freecycling, Wikipedia, open source software)." —Alicia Bay Laurel, author of Living on the Earth

BILLEE SHARP studied anthropology and ancient history at University College, London. She went on to style herself a career as a contemporary art curator and gallerist, working with Damien Hirst and other art world notables. In 1993, she took up residence in San Francisco and started both a family and record label with Scotsman Jonah Sharp, a pioneering electronic musician. Billee currently runs a green cleaning business, organizes independent music, literary, and art events, and continues to raise her family, walk her dog, and write her blog.

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