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ISBN 978-1-936740-82-6
5 1/2 x 8 1/4, 216 pages

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The Available Parent, 2nd Edition

Expert Advice for Raising Successful and Resilient Teens and Tweens

Get the Relationship You Want with Your Teen

Highly recommended by everyone from NPR to Fox News and the Today show, Dr. John Duffy’s The Available Parent will help you negotiate the ever-changing landscape of the teenage years. Imagine healthy conversations replacing angry outbursts, slammed doors, obsessive texting or sullen silence. Begin to enjoy a healthy, satisfying, new kind of relationship with your teenager—one based on true availability, clear expectations and calm communication, rather than fear-based control. At a time when many helicopter parents micromanage and under-appreciate their children, Dr. Duffy’s step-by-step guide is an innovative approach to taking care of teens and tweens.

“Duffy’s advice for parenting adolescents springs from radical optimism, a form of practical spirituality that recommends being open and available to the possibility of change, essentially exchanging fear and the need to control for hope and positive results.”
Publishers Weekly

“Blending self-reflective exercises for parents with words of wisdom from teens and parents whom Duffy has counseled throughout his career, the author...offers valuable insight into the unique psyche of a teenager.”
Kirkus Reviews

"The Available Parent is a valuable and thought-provoking resource that’s filled with many precious lessons and gives parents a unique perspective on cultivating a healthy relationship with their kids."

“This book is written in a clear no-nonsense style using observations and examples from Dr. Duffy’s work with youth and their families. More than anything else, it is obvious that he understand the teenage “mind” and the psychological and social factors involved in changing children into adults…I highly recommend this book to parents and practitioners alike.”

JOHN DUFFY is a clinical psychologist and certified life coach with a thriving private practice. In addition to clinical work, Duffy also consults with individuals, groups, and corporations. Dr. Duffy's highly satisfied clients include Sears, Allstate, General Electric, Household Financial, Exxon Mobil, Accenture, Bank of America, and Hewitt Associates. He lives in Chicago.

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