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ISBN 978-1-936740-70-3
6 x 7, 200 pages

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Having the Time of Your Life

Little Lessons to Live By

500 Inspired Ideas about What Really Matters

In this easy-to-digest, delightful-to-read book, Allen Klein explores the meaning, madness and mirth of life. Klein dives into the big questions: What’s life? Why are we here? And how do we enjoy the journey? In Having the Time of Your Life, Allen Klein helps us consider these issues while providing many laughs along the way. He has collected 500 inspiring and uplifting quotations on the endlessly fascinating subject of life itself. From Oprah Winfrey to Abraham Lincoln, the people quoted in this book offer healthy doses of motivation and levity that we all need to live a well-examined life.


“Life is so precious. Please, please, let’s love one another, live each day, reach out to each other, be kind to each other.” —JULIA ROBERTS

“Put yourself out there. Be brave. Be bold. Take action.... You may not always be popular, but you’re part of something larger and bigger and greater than yourself. Besides, making history is extremely cool.” —SAMUEL L. JACKSON

"I am always looking for ideas that help people enrich their life. This book does just that. I highly recommend you read it and embrace its wise, and sometimes witty, words. They will feed your soul, lift your spirits, and help you live a fuller, richer, and more joy-filled life."
—SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) Founder and CEO of PlanetSARK

ALLEN KLEIN is an award-winning professional speaker and author. His books Quotations to Cheer You Up When the World is Getting You Down and The Lift Your Spirits Quote Book have sold over 500,000 copies. He lives in San Francisco.

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