Trade Cloth
ISBN 978-1-936740-56-7
5 x 6 1/2, 256 pages

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The Grateful Table

Blessings, Prayers and Graces for the Daily Meal

Wow, Life Is Good

Saying grace is one of our loveliest traditions. The Grateful Table offers 365 beautiful blessings for every day of the year. From 18th-century prayers for Thanksgiving to devotionals from the world's wisdom traditions and sincere expressions of thankfulness by Alton Brown, David Foster Wallace, Jack Kerouac, Shirley MacLaine, Dave Eggers, Sheryl Crow, Neil Gaiman and Alice Walker, The Grateful Table shows us the way to begin every meal with an open heart.

"Good food is an amazing blessing. Whenever you can sit down at a table, eat food that is extremely delicious, and are surrounded by people you love...it's: Wow, life is good." —Alicia Keys

"A heartening collection. Worthy of quiet reflection and sharing."—Judy Ford, author of Every Day Love 

"The Grateful Table brings together heartfelt prayers and homilies from a truly diverse group of writers, artists, and vision- aries. This is a gracious and unique book that offers a bite-size reflection for every day of the year. —Billee Sharp, author of Lemons and Lavender

"The older I get, the more I realize the importance and the power of gratitude. It can help us rise above a situation and be thankful for what we do have instead of focusing on what we don’t. I love this book for giving us something to be thankful for every day of the year...not only to begin a meal but also to begin a lifetime of gratitude. —Allen Klein, author of The Art of Living Joyfully

BRENDA KNIGHT grew up in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and learned how to appreciate life from her mother, Helen. After a brief career as a high school English teacher, she began working for HarperCollins, and is now a twenty-year publishing veteran. She is also the author of the American Book Award-winning Women of the Beat Generation, Rituals of Life, and Wild Women and Books. She is an avid gardener and seed saver, and volunteers for the American Cancer Society as a counselor for the newly diagnosed. She teaches at the San Francisco Writer's Conference and leads workshops on "Putting Your Passion on Paper." The founding editor of Viva Editions, a division of Cleis Press, Brenda lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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