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Contagious Optimism

Uplifting Stories and Motivational Advice for Positive Forward Thinking

100 Habits of Highly Optimistic People

Where are you on your life journey? Do you want a different life, but aren't sure how to find it? How do you discover your passion? How do you take charge of your professional future?

Start using the lessons of Contagious Optimism to write your own "silver linings playbook." Contagious Optimism includes stories, advice, actions and insights from business leaders, visionaries, professionals and just plain folks. David Mezzapelle believes that we all have the capacity to make optimism contagious just by sharing our life's adventures, and he's found a group of unstoppable optimists who have made their lives exactly what they want them to be.

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Learn to:

• Develop your talents through practice

• Become successful by turning the word "impossible" on its head

• Meet "The One" by becoming "The One"

• Build the brand that makes you you

...and much, much more.


Now available as an app through the iTunes store.
Contagious Optimism app

"It is impossible to inoculate oneself against the contagion of optimism that pours out from the stories of the courageous men and women in this book who show us how we can soar and flourish in the very midst of life's challenges. Read it and celebrate the human spirit!" –Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning

"Are you still looking at the glass as half-empty? Well, it's time for you to latch on to something genuinely rewarding: Contagious Optimism." —Chloe JonPaul, author of This Business of Children

"Contagious Optimism is proof that people from all corners of the world have the ability to meet and exceed their goals despite the odds." —Bucky Dent, New York Yankees World Series MVP

"Reading Contagious Optimism will allow you to appreciate and understand the principles that people of all backgrounds live by through their life's adventures." —Daniel P. Tully, Chairman Emeritus, Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.

"Read Contagious Optimism to better understand why optimism is so powerful... It empowers, motivates and leads people to tremendous results." —James F. Mooney, Chairman of the Board, Virgin Media, Inc.

DAVID MEZZAPELLE has been motivating others to be positive since his childhood. He has been a guest on many radio and TV programs, and he is also a frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal and various other publications around the globe. David lives in Jupiter, FL. MARSHALL GOLDSMITH lives in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

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