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ISBN 978-1-936740-42-0
6 x 7, 208 pages

Family & Childcare
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Mom's the Word

The Wit, Wisdom and Wonder of Motherhood

The Heart of Every Family—Mom!

Heartwarming and humorous, this tribute to moms of the world gathers the best things anyone ever said about motherhood. From beloved role models Dear Abby and Reba McEntire to movers and shakers such as Oprah Winfrey and Sonia Sotomayor, women (and a few men) crack wise on the subject at the center of everyone's life, mommy dearest!

Mother, Mom, Mommy, Ma, Mama, Mum—there are many ways to call the person who brought you into this world. If you you want to thank and delight the woman who has meant so much to you, look no further than this heartfelt collection of quotes from the author of Words of Love and Change Your Life.

"Allen Klein has an uncanny insight into the gift of motherhood. Mom's the Word is a sweet, touching collection that will bring laughter and tears. A delightful read for any mother—or anyone else!" —Ruby Cheves, MD, National Mother of the Year 2012

ALLEN KLEIN is an award-winning professional speaker and author. Also the author of Change Your Life!, Inspiration for a Lifetime, and Words of Love, he lives in San Francisco. KATE HOPPER is the author of Use Your Words and lives in Minneapolis.