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Making the Most of Bed Rest

Tips, Tools and Resources for a Rewarding Recovery from Any Health Challenge

Turn Recuperation Into a Productive and Rewarding Experience

When your doctor prescribes long-term bed rest, it doesn't have to mean endless hours of staring at television or the walls. Author Barbara Edelston Peterson, a world-champion triathlete, offers the wisdom of experience in this practical and reassuring self-help guide, which spells out everything you need to adapt and thrive during your stay in bed.

What you'll learn inside:

• Transform your bed into "Command Central" with a phone, laptop and accessories so you'll be prepared for anything

• Plan a daily routine of appointments, tasks and visitors

• Start personal projects, such as journaling, learning to craft, and even earning money through product reviews

• Create special memories with your children by playing games and doing puzzles

• Stay connected through social media networks

With inspiring stories of people who have successfully come through a long-term confinement, Making the Most of Bed Rest is a one-of-a-kind reference that transforms convalescence into productive and self-fulfilling contentment.

"Now you can rest assured! Everyone experiences seasons in life when rest is required for healing—pregnancy, surgery, injury, recovery from illness—and this book brings hopeful, positive perspective to those times. A must-read with every prescription of bed rest." —Ame Mahler Beanland, coauthor of Postcards from the Bump

"In my eighteen years of practicing obstetrics and gynecology, I have taken care of many high-risk pregnancies...This book will serve as a guide to help patients make the most of their 'time off.'" —Leslie Kardos, MD, Chief of Gynecology at the California Pacific Medical Center

"Barbara Edelston Peterson took seemingly negative situations—bed rest for a high risk pregnancy in one instance, and being confined to a wheelchair due to injury in another—and made the most of them by not only coping, but thriving." —Lisa Jhung, contributor to Runner's World

BARBARA EDELSTON PETERSON has dedicated her life to health and wellness, and improving the lives of people of all ages through exercise, self-awareness, and the power of positive thinking. Now fifty-six years old, she is an author, motivational speaker, sports psychologist, world-class triathlete, wife, and mother of two daughters. She is uniquely qualified to inspire and educate people recovering from physical limitations as a result of injury, illness, or pregnancy. Barbara is the author of The Bed Rest Survival Guide, the founder of The Power of Exercise, and is a contributor to Ms. Fitness, Triathlete, and Women's Health. She lives in Berkeley, California.