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The Painted Word

A Treasure Chest of Remarkable Words and Their Origins

Lore for Logophiliacs and Word Hoarders

Deepak Chopra calls author Phil Cousineau a "word wizard" and NPR's Susan Stamberg hailed his Wordcatcher as a must-read "because it's fun." Cousineau, linguistic detective and dictionary delver, is back with a priceless treasury of word stories and literary obscura that will enchant any lover of language. The words themselves range from the commonplace, such as biscuit, a twice-baked cake for Roman soldiers, to loanwords like chaparral, courtesy of Basque shepards who came to the American West; from word-reversals such as silly, which evolved from "holy" to "goofy" in a mere thousand years, and to words well worthy of revival, such as carrytale, a wandering storyteller. Cousineau's journey through the history and mystery of words will enlighten as it delights.

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Praise for Wordcatcher: "[E]very word becomes a story with the help of author Phil Cousineau, who has been writing stories for some time now, about mythology, travel, design, spirituality, and, yes, riddles. It is his breadth of knowledge and storytelling skills that bring this book to life . . . This kind of book is the kind you dip into, but I read it cover to cover, not wanting to miss an entry." — Susan Stamberg, NPR's Morning Edition

PHIL COUSINEAU is an award-winning writer and filmmaker, teacher and editor, independent scholar and travel leader, storyteller and TV host. He lives in San Francisco.

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