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Better Than Great

A Plenitudinous Compendium of Wallopingly Fresh Superlatives

Say goodbye to "awesome" and "amazing" and say hello to Better Than Great, a veritable TKO of stale superlatives with almost 6,000 alternative terms. Lexophile Arthur Plotnik presents a skull-spinning assortment of words and ideas for describing extraordinary things—the exceptionally beautiful, joyful, delicious, large, forceful, intense, trendy and more—even 50 gr8t texting superlatives! Better Than Great is the must-have reference for anyone seeking to rise above tired superlatives when the quality matters, as in love, commerce, and the arts. Critics, journalists, poets, speakers, sales reps, bloggers, Twitterers—word slingers from the whole digital and literary spectrum—should find it to be a concussively euphoriant, supernal, larky, epiphanic, über-cool, soul-juddering experience, an upful and endorphining jubilee to make the heart warble. Take your vocabulary of acclaim from woeful to whoa-ful, and don't praise anything without Better Than Great!

But don't take it from us—listen to Arthur himself on the Jon Rappoport Show and Scott Cluthe's Positively Incorrect! Radio. He's also been interviewed on Wisconsin Public Radio and Pen On Fire's Writers on Writing. Prefer TV to radio? Check out his interview on Chicago's WGN Midday News.

Now available as an app through the iTunes store.
Better Than Great app

"Plotnik is a writer's writer—this book is scrupulously researched, well-written, and engaging to read…even for those with a casual interest in language, the book promises to be a great deal of fun to peruse. All readers will undoubtedly find it supremely fascinating to learn of the unspeakably large number of terms available to express greatness…" —ForeWord magazine

“Enter Better than Great, Arthur Plotnik’s new book containing nearly 6,000 alternate terms for praise and acclaim. Arthur mentioned that he was working on it in the comments of my first buzzwords post and now that it’s been released I’m happy to say he achieved his aim and then some. Better than Great covers a wide range of fresh superlatives in a number of categories, pulling from rare gems and vintage gold all the way through current phrases influenced by hip-hop.” —Adam Sherk of Define Media Group

"Original, assiduously researched, and zestfully written, this work of reviviscent wordy fun is to be read as well as consulted, and what gonzo joy awaits language lovers as Plotnik serves up high-fivable hot sauce for the brain." —Booklist

"This funky thesaurus includes, for example, as synonyms for 'beautiful,' biscuit, body by Michelangelo, enshrinable, knock-down lovely, and pieridine (butterflylike)." —Publisher's Weekly

"Better Than Great comes in the guise of a single-purpose synonym finder. But it's craftier than that. Arthur Plotnik shows us how masterful writers rub words together to make fire." —Constance Hale, author of Sin and Syntax

"How to describe this book? Choose any term from pages 7 to 30. I'd call it perfection printed and bound." —Bryan A. Garner, author of Garner's Modern American Usage

"Even I loved Art Plotnik's sublimely subversive exercises in adverbs used audaciously." —Dave Kindred, author of Morning Miracle: Inside the Washington Post and adverbophobiac

"...a feloniously fun bedtime browsing treat and an unimpeachably useful reference work. Ripsniptious!" —Rosalie Maggio, author of How to Say It

ARTHUR PLOTNIK is a versatile author with a distinguished background in editing and publishing. Among his seven previous books (not to mention 22 pseudonymous potboilers early in his career) are The Elements of Editing and The Elements of Expression, both Book-of-the-Month Club selections, and the bestselling Spunk & Bite: A Writer's Guide to Bold, Contemporary Style. His articles, op-eds, and literary pieces have been published widely, including his columns in The Writer magazine, on whose editorial board he serves.

Plotnik studied under Philip Roth in the Iowa Writers Workshop, was a reporter for the Albany (N.Y.) Times-Union, and after earning a second graduate degree, worked as a Library of Congress staffer in Washington and magazine editor in New York. He received numerous honors and awards as a long-time editor and publisher with the American Library Association in Chicago. He lives in that city with his wife and an avalanchine tumble of jottings for Better than Great.

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